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Toward Your Full Potential - Step by Step

Coaching Process and Procedures

The world as we have created it
is a process of our thinking.

It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

 Albert Einstein

Plan of action.

Every Coaching intervention at Empatheo follows the  ICF code of Ethics a clearly structured procedure over time:


Preliminary Scoping conversation (20-60 Min.)
You define your needs, wishes and goal for coaching. This is a good moment to discuss concerns. We see whether the "chemistry" is right and then decide together how our cooperation can be structured in a meaningful way. This conversation is free of charge.


First Meeting (30- 60 Min)
We prioritize the topics, the necessary individual measures and the time frame according to your goal. Then we start working on your current concern.


Coaching Sessions (60 - 90 Min.)
Individual and team coachings as well as coaching support in day-to-day business, take place in remote online meetings until the current situation allows otherwise. The client can choose the provider used.
After each session feedback loops with those directly involved in the coaching are built in to check whether we are on the right track and whether we are getting closer to your goal.


Review (60 - 90 Min.)
When the goal has been achieved or you have the feeling that you can master the task without further coaching, the review takes place. We draw a conclusion and, if necessary, establish a plan of action for the future.


For Sponsors
The company, which hires the coach is considered the sponsor. When a sponsor is involved, typically in business coachings, a chemistry meeting will be scheduled as a separate meeting with the coachee.

Goals and degrees of confidentiality between coach/ sponsor and coachee are made transparent in the preceding contract.

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