Nadia Witte

Founder of Empatheo.eu, Innovation Consultant with a passion for healthcare.

Certified Design Thinking Coach of the HPI’s D. School in Potsdam, Design for Talent Coach, Business Developer and Artist.


  • Vivira Health Labs GmbH, Director of Business Development, May to October 2019

  • HPS Gesundheitscloud gGmbH (now Data4Life),  Design Thinking Berater, Business Development Manager, November 2016 to 2019 

  • Tigerbytes, Planner (2016 / 17)

  • L’Oreal Product Manager (2015 / 16)

  • 10 years in the arts around the world (London/ New York/ Hong Kong/ USVI)

Current Project


We are building an AI based tool for fraud detection in healthcare procurement

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Design Thinking Intro Workshops

The digital Wallet Experience is a three and a half hour introduction to the method of Design Thinking.  Experience the method in action!

Using the example of the design of the wallet the participants go through all of 

the six phases of the design thinking process; Understanding, observing, defining the point of view, generating ideas, developing prototypes and testing.


After a short theoretical introduction to the respective phase, each is experienced immediately in practice. Using worksheet templates, the students work in two teams to develop tangible, low resolution prototypes.

The workshop closes with the presentation of the prototypes and a question and answer session on design thinking.


Effect for the participants?

Participants get into action in a playful way. They gain initial experience with Design Thinking, iterative, user-centered working and building prototypes.



3.5 hours (210 min)

Currently online, via Zoom and Miro