Dr. Laura Mählmann

Creative Consultant for

human-centered innovation

Certified Design Thinking Coach of the HPI’s D. School in Potsdam, Scrum Master and Systemic Consultant.

Her forté is combining analytical thinking with empathy. She puts the user at the center, creating room to experiment and to ultimately inspire innovation. Always balancing scientific approaches with creativity and innovative force.


  • M.Sc. in Health Science Research and Global Health 

  • Ph. D. in “Personalized Medicine from a Public Health Perspective” 

  • Post-Doc “The Role of the Microbiome for Depression”
    Leading two interventional randomized trials on the effectiveness of probiotics and fecal microbiota transplantation in depressed patients

  • Scientific Project Manager at the Seerave Foundation 

  • Freelance Consultant for Patient-Centric Design


  • Taskforce Pflege 4.0  - A digital tool to support elderly care

  • Patient-centered Health Care Strategy @ Seerave Foundation

My passion?

Combining analytical skills with empathy, putting the user at center, creating room to experiment, to ultimately inspire innovation.