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Clarity and success at work and in life

Business Coaching for independent individuals

“Imagine Your Life Is Perfect In Every Respect;

What Would It Look Like?”

Brian Tracy

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Personal Coaching.

Different from Business Coaching, Personal Coaching is initiated by  individuals rather than companies.

Coaching can be helpful when situations arise in your private life or at work, where you feel blocked, somehow unable to solve the situation to your satisfaction., when you seek a sparring partner or when you are looking to understand yourself better, uncover your full potential. Individual coaching can help to better understand the challenge at hand, view it from a different angle and develop new approaches for success and fulfilment.


When you have a personal challenge and when you have professional business challenge and you want to grow. You wish for a fresh perspective on your situation.
You are ready to question your patterns that lead you to the same place again and again.
And want to develop new strategies to reach your goal.

You are brave and driven to evolve as a person and/or in leadership. In short, you are keen to change and ready for the next level (where ever that may be).


Coaching is resource oriented - you are the expert of your life and in coaching you uncover your existing internal and external resources.
As a coach I am here to support you in a sparring partnership.
Sometimes clarity and a fresh perspective is all that is needed.

Together we gain a clear understanding of your goal,  evaluate proximity to your current reality and develop a personal action plan to reach your goals and follow through.

You are always in the drivers seat.


As a result of coaching you

  • Are more at ease with your challenge 

  • Gained clarity about your goals

  • Developed and implemented a strategy to reach your goals

  • Increased awareness of your strengths

  • Developed strategies to address your areas for development

  • Explored and adopted a new mindset that works for you right now 

  • Gained valuable insights about yourself that you can transfer to situations in the future


“Look and you will find it - what is unsought will go undetected


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What can I expect of coaching?

As a trained coach I stick to the ICF Code of ethics and support you on your journey with skilled questions, methods, exercises and food for thought in a safe and trusted environment. 

You’ll bring your challenge and coaching can help you gain a new perspective, develop a new mindset, skills and capabilities. 

Coaching can support you to reframe problems and gain a new attitude toward stress and much more - however coaching cannot magically turn your problems into unicorns. Sadly. Coaching is not a ride you take to somewhere without doing anything - it’s what you make of it. And it's yours to keep.

What can I change with coaching?

You can use coaching to improve your leadership skills, deal with a conflict at work or gain clarity about something you can’t quite grasp. Or use the coaching to analyse your strengths and weaknesses, identify new competencies you wish to develop or work on new empowering belief sets.

Together we scope a challenge that is most relevant to you, one that once overcome will help you grow. You gain new perspectives, higher understanding about yourself and how you are motivated. You will develop a motivating action plan and start implementing it right away. 

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