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Leadership Coaching

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New forms of organisation determine everyday work today. The increasing transparency through data analysis opens up new possibilities but also means transparency. 

Leadership coaching supports managers to develop personally and professionally, adapt their leadership to agile environments and get involved in new management concepts.

Leadership coaching allows time to reflect and see your work from a new perspective, often leading to time saving, more effective solutions. It is resource oriented and supports you in uncovering your own solutions.


You may choose to focus on living leadership skills in everyday life, changing roles or sharpening your profile within an existing role, methods of self-reflection in everyday life, time and self management and more. Together we will develop your strategy for your further professional life to reach your goals.


  • Self analysis and self reflection to identify and use existing resources, competencies and skills as well potential supporters 

  • Discover patterns of action and replace limiting belief sets with actionable, motivating ones

  • Discover and process dynamics within the team and organization

  • Reframe existing challenges by change of perspective

  • Gain confidence and trust in your leadership skills

  • Develop and strengthen problem-solving skills and self-management

  • Develop and execute a plan to reach your goals



In leadership coaching, we focus on you, your skills and your goal within the organisation. We take a step back from the daily tasks and pressure, clarify and set your goal and analyze your current situation. We’ll explore your intrinsic motivations, values ​​and skills. Identify your tasks and your role in relation to your goal. Step by step we jointly develop a motivating action plan to draw from your resources and develop new skills.



After the coaching you gained new insights about your goal and defined and implemented an action plan to reach them. You are clear about your strengths and know how to handle your weaknesses. 

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