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Founders & Innovators Coaching

Case Study

“Much has been written about complex nonhierarchical systems

in which the behaviour of the system is the result not of centralised command and control but of a set of individual behaviours that, when repeated thousands of times, achieve predictable results.

Tim Brown, Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organisations and Inspires Innovation

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As a founder or innovator you are under immense pressure to juggle many tasks and mindsets at once.  It is up to you (and your founding team) to create and spread a vision, build the company, ensure funding, secure sales and create a motivating framework in which innovation and creativity can thrive. This requires visionary leadership and zest.  With leadership coaching we support founders and innovators to reflect on their leadership style and to grow authentically with their new challenges.



  • Crystal clear goal

  • Clear picture of the status quo

  • Self analysis and self reflection to identify and use existing resources, competencies and skills as well potential supporters 

  • Discover motivating solutions to current challenges

  • Reframe existing challenges by change of perspective

  • Discover and process dynamics within the team and potential investors

  • Gain confidence and trust in your leadership skills

  • Develop and strengthen problem-solving skills and self-management

  • Develop and execute a plan to reach your goals



In founder and innovator coaching, we focus on your goal using the GROW model. When the goal is not crystal clear, we take time to clarify until it is. We look at your values and your goal in relation to them. We take a step back from your daily tasks and pressure, and zoom into the big picture, explore your intrinsic motivations, values ​​and skills. Identify your tasks and your current and prospect role.

Step by step we jointly develop a motivating action plan to draw from your resources and develop new skills.



After the coachings you gained new insights about yourself, your way of working and your goal. You defined and implemented an action plan to move toward your desired state. You have increased self confidence, are more clear about your strengths and know how to handle your weaknesses.

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