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Team Coaching


Typical starting points for team coaching are rapid company growth, starting a new team or setting up a new project, restructuring, change management, value alignment and leadership training. Furthermore, coaching can propel trust and effectiveness within new and established teams. Understanding and using conflicts to find constructive solutions can lead to increased trust and as a result to higher functioning teams and clear company goals.

Team coaching can take place with any size of a team, ranging from two people to large groups, depending only on the goals you set. It makes sense to consider whom to involve for which goal and it doesn't have to involve the entire department. Occasionally it is recommendable to combine individual and team coaching to support and drive development. 


Team coaching is all about maintaining, increasing and optimally promoting sustainable performance of the team. 

Deepening trust, developing effective communication and clear goals to reach heightened efficiency in line with the companies values and goals. 

Possible disruptions are evaluated and the team guided to develop a benevolent, appreciative environment where each individual can tap into their full potential within the team. 



The concept, setting and the process are clarified in advance with the HR department and the responsible manager. With a diagnosis at the beginning, we consider where the team stands. In an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and openness, the team and coach re-evaluate the challenge and define the goal of the team. The team then generates ideas and implements common solutions that are perceived as beneficial for everyone involved. 
Team coaching follows a process where the team develops a shared goal and in partnership with the coach creates and implements steps to reach it. Throughout the process the team transforms through five phases: building trust, mastering conflict, achieving commitment, embracing accountability, focussing on shared results. 


Every member of the team is aligned on the goal and has clarity about which steps to take to reach it as an individual and as a team. Responsibilities and time horizons are clear. The team's ability to help itself is strengthened, trust amongst team members increased and communication clear and goal oriented.

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