You are a company or start-up in healthcare ? 

You want to meet your customers' needs
with desirable products or services ?

we support you with business coaching and innovation workshops specialised for healthcare !




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Dr. Caroline szymanski.

Consultant for strategic innovation,

agile coach & neuro scientist. She has a faible for unser centred product development, agile leadership and coaching.


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Consultant and communications expert for life science, healthcare and technology. Gerhard can help you with text and communication taking your product to the next level.

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Dr. Laura Mählmann.

Creative Consultant for human-centred innovation, certified Design Thinking Coach of the HPI’s D. School in Potsdam, Scrum Master and Systemic Consultant

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Hanna martus.

Human-centered Researcher and
Designer for digital and analogue healthcare experiences.


Nadia Witte.

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Trained Executive Coach
(ACTP from Bossert Associates) 
Design Thinking Facilitator (HPI D School, Potsdam)
M.A in European Business
(ESCP Europe)

B.A. Fine Art 
(Central St. Martins, University of the Arts London) 

5 years experience in Start-Up ins Healthcare
With business coaching and innovation workshops I support individuals and teams in healthcare to find their own point of view, access their resources and push their products. My strengths are laser sharp emotional intelligence and creative solution finding.

I learnt what it means to live internationally, enter new contexts by jumping into the cold water when teaching English in Nepal in 2006 and later living in London, Hong Kong, New York, Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt.

I am a fearless and courageous international, keen to get you and your team out of your comfort zone and into your personal and / or product development. It will be tough. Fast. And fun. 

Find out if and how we can be helpful in an info session.

I look forward to hearing from you !

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